Oil Cleansing 101


Hello My Lovelies,

Oil cleansing is not something that’s new but it’s something that if you don’t do right then it doesn’t work. I started oil cleansing about a year ago because I would end up having allergic reactions to just about every face wash I used and nothing seemed to work to clear my complexion or keep me moisturized. I’ve used many oils and have tried just about every mixture of them, but I have finally come to find the combination that works perfectly for dry skin with the occasion break out. I used coconut oil, the Holy Grail, to take off any makeup and cleanse my skin. Then for a clear complexion and soft skin I use a mixture of jojoba oil as well as sweet almond oil. A little bit goes a long way for all of them and they are very helpful at getting rid of acne over night. Other really good oils to try for oily skin that tends to break out is definitely tea tree oil and castor oil. Another great makeup remover is olive oil; it takes off just about any makeup. I’d love to know how many of you use this method of cleansing and your oils of choice. Hope you enjoy.



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