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We’re almost four months into 2016, and yet I’m still the same me that I was last year. I’ve woken up every day and told myself that I’ll be better by next month, I change next month, I start doing this next week etc. Well now it really is time for me to change my lifestyle and hoping that all of you will hold me to it. April is right around the corner, and starting April 1st I’m officially giving up meat. Time to go vegetarian. I really want to get healthy, and lose some weight. I’ll be turning 16 in June and would like to be 120 pounds or less. I want to start doing yoga, and need to actually find a fitness routine that I can stick to. Lucky for me, I’m virtual schooled so my schedule is a lot freer than that of a normal teenager. Over the next few months I will become vegetarian, develop a physical workout routine, start yoga and meditation, as well as become a better me. There are many things that I mean by that. I, unfortunately, have to deal with having clinical depression and I’m sick of waking up in a dark haze. It’s time to get rid of that and change my life. I’ll be posting recipes, workouts that I love, inspiration, and will be updating with my progress periodically. I’m also going to start posting daily inspirations that will help to keep me and anyone else on a similar journey going.

-Kayle ❤


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