Minimalism. Easy to say it’s the biggest trends of the time currently. Can’t deny that it seems enlightening, but how could a book lover ever become a minimalist. I want to get on the minimalism train, but as I look around I see my abundance of books. 30 here, 20 more there, and maybe 50 more throughout the rest of the house. All I have read more than once, and I’ve fallen in love with so many. It’s easy, right. Just throw it away. But it’s just not that easy. And you’re probably asking yourself right now why you’re reading this random post about how I find it hard for a book lover to become a minimalist. But I think taking it to the point of getting rid of so much, is almost superficial. So many do it just for the appeal of the white bedroom with cryptic art on the walls, and white sheets on the bed. Well, I’m a minimalist. I just happen to have a lot of books, all of which I love and read. You don’t have to get rid of everything so that you can fit into yet another social media altered view of an aspect of today’s world.



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