Valentia Ultimate Skin Repair & Hydration Combo Review


Hey lovelies,

I have had the pleasure of trying yet another, amazing, Valentia product. The Ultimate Skin Repair & Hydration Combo: True Glow Eye Cream & Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask. This is literally the perfect duo. I’ve used the True Glow Eye Cream before, and it is my holy grail of eye creams. I was new to the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask, but I have found a new favorite. I’m even wearing it as I type this. All of these products are super easy to use, last forever, and are high quality at a reasonable price. I’ll be posting soon to review these products more in depth, but you should check out my other Valentia reviews. You’ll love them as much as I do.

You can purchase the products here and here




Hey lovelies,

I’ve got another review on some Valentia products. I have to start by saying just how much I love this brand, their products are consistently amazing.Their clear lift revitalizing serum is something that I’ve used before and I’ve simply fallen in love with it. Simply apply it after you wash your face and in less than a week of use your face should like brighter and smoother. It lightened the dark circles under my eyes and really helped to even out the complexion of my skin. It’s a product that I love and would recommend to everyone.

You can purchase the product, learn more about it and the brand, and follow the brand using these links:


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Minimalism. Easy to say it’s the biggest trends of the time currently. Can’t deny that it seems enlightening, but how could a book lover ever become a minimalist. I want to get on the minimalism train, but as I look around I see my abundance of books. 30 here, 20 more there, and maybe 50 more throughout the rest of the house. All I have read more than once, and I’ve fallen in love with so many. It’s easy, right. Just throw it away. But it’s just not that easy. And you’re probably asking yourself right now why you’re reading this random post about how I find it hard for a book lover to become a minimalist. But I think taking it to the point of getting rid of so much, is almost superficial. So many do it just for the appeal of the white bedroom with cryptic art on the walls, and white sheets on the bed. Well, I’m a minimalist. I just happen to have a lot of books, all of which I love and read. You don’t have to get rid of everything so that you can fit into yet another social media altered view of an aspect of today’s world.


A Late New Year



I may be 3 days late, but I can still wish you all a Happy New Year. I’ve taken the past week or so to reflect on the things that I want to┬áchange this year, one of those being this blog. I have decided to delete my previous posts, change up my theme, and start with a clean slate. This year for me is all about defining who I am, and where I’m going. So I’ll be posting about my journey getting there, things I have learned along the way, as well as pictures and videos I’ve used as inspiration. You can also follow me on Tumblr, for a more personal thoughts blog. I look forward to this year of growing who I am and sharing it with all of you.